"Pistol and Carbine Skill Builder"

The Pistol and Carbine Skill Builder goes beyond the basics and will provide proven techniques on weapon manipulation while utilizing your primary and secondary firearm. While learning a new skill and honing the fundamentals, we will introduce to you a different mindset when it comes to optimizing your training on the technical side of tactical shooting.  


Upcoming Dates:

Equipment Needed

Must have:
1. Rifle & Pistol
2. 275rnds pistol/275rnds rifle (more is always welcome)
3. Eye and ear protection
4. Pistol belt/ Sturdy belt
5. At least 2x pistol magazine
6. At least 2x rifle magazine
7. At least 1x pistol magazine pouch
8. At least 1x rifle magazine pouch
9. Sling for rifle
10. OWB Holster 
11. Lunch (We will break for lunch)
12. Guns zeroed, we will confirm zero before class starts

Suggested items but not necessary:

1. Chest rig/plate carrier
2. Pistol Belt
3. T-shirt/pants to move in, knee pads if you wish

We will supply:
1. Tools if something would break or need tightened
2. Bottle water
3. Lubricants
4. Targets
5. Ammo available on site

*Must have experience shooting both rifle and pistol but not both together. If your not sure this course is right for you, please email me.

Hit the register button above or get in touch with us if you have any questions about the course. 

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