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-Don M. (Ohio) "SCT Trauma Management Course"

"Just completed the SCT Trauma Management Course in Lima, Ohio today. These guys are FANTASTIC, the level of professionalism and realism in their training is second to none. Do NOT miss an opportunity to train with these guys, it just doesn't get any better than this."

-Seth A. (Ohio)  "Tactical Rifle & Pistol Workshop"

"I am very excited to discuss a class I attended this weekend, "Rifle and Pistol Workshop", with Garrett Stone. I cannot stress enough how impressed I was with Garrett and this class. Heading into the class, I was somewhat nervous and intimidated, due to the fact that I am not extremely proficient with either rifle or pistol. Garrett immediately made us all (six individuals attended the class) feel very comfortable and set our minds at ease. Beginning with the warm up, Garrett assured us that we would all see noticeable improvement by the end of the day. Most of us cut our times by at least 1/3 from the beginning to the end! 

The amount of one-on-one instruction, combined with positive reinforcement and meeting each individual where they are in terms of skill level, impressed me the most about this class. Garrett's patience, professionalism and the way he connects with students are traits that cannot be overlooked when searching for a trainer. In additions to being an excellent communicator, teacher and motivator, Garrett is an incredible shooter. After explaining each drill, Garrett would run through the sequence at least once, not only to show the cadence, but also to show the form and explain the "why". This is another important skill; Garrett not only shows "what" to do, but does an excellent job of explaining "why" something is done. 

Any day you can go out and blow through 700 rounds of ammo is a great day. Any day you can do that with an instructor like Garrett is an incredible day. Next time he is in town I plan to take the advanced course, as well as having my wife and two daughters run through his women's course. I would highly recommend any of Garrett's classes! I cannot say enough about his qualifications, patience, listening skills, teaching ability, the ability to motivate and understanding of different skill levels. Thanks for an excellent experience."

Student of Defensive Carry Survival Course (Ohio)

"This was the first time I have taken any sort of defensive pistol course and I don't think I could have taken a better one. The instructors all have real world experience and it showed in the class. From basics like stance and trigger reset, up to scenarios with simunitions. I would tell anyone who's considering taking any training courses from Stone Cold, do yourself a favor and take the course. You won't regret it." 

-Adam E. (California) "Baseline Pistol Workshop"

" My wife and I took the Baseline Pistol Course and it was absolutely legitimate! The training Garrett and Art provided incorporated some of the most premier shooting techniques available. The pace and drills that were taught was tailored to the ability of each individual shooter. I would absolutely recommend SCT to shooters that are interested in challenging themselves and to improve their overall shooting abilities. Looking forward to their next visit!"

Kydan M. (Indiana) "Tactical Rifle and Pistol Workshop"

From what I seen online it did not appear that SCT had done very many of these classes yet to date. That was NOT how the course felt. You three ran that course like you had been doing it for years. I have never done any kind of special training. Been shooting for 21 years self taught. SCT completely changed how I shoot and how I will train from here on out. 110% change for the better. Shooting and transitioning faster and more accurately than I ever imagined especially with just one day with SCT. The most professional, knowledgeable and friendly group of guys you will ever work with. You will leave their courses with everything you hoped for and than some. I can not wait to see what's offered in the future from SCT. If you have a chance to train with SCT just do it. They don't disappoint.

Jack S. (Indiana) "Tactical Rifle & Pistol Workshop"

I left the Army in 1996. A lot has changed, and I have picked up a lot of bad habits along the way. I have spent serious coin through the years on shooting courses, internet learning, etc. This is the only course I have taken that puts it all together. These experts changed my stance, my posture, the way I hold a weapon, tactical reload, vertical and horizontal targets, the way I transfer to a secondary weapon. All under the cover of safety. Yet all live fire. And most important they changed my attitude and perspective about adversary engagement. I am former Military, work as an Emergency Physician in a Trauma Center, and I will tell you this is THE course to take if you are interested in learning real world combat engagement and managing a primary rifle and secondary side arm. Garrett and his team are First Class. Best shooting class I have ever taken, even better than the range classes with the Army! These guys are the real deal. Jack D. Scott, MD, FACEP, Former Major, US Army.

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