About SCT Solutions

Your Gateway to Advanced Firearms and Tactical Training

Welcome to SCT Solutions, a leader in providing comprehensive firearms training and tactical education. Our mission is to offer expertly crafted training programs that focus on safe gun handling, tactical proficiency, and effective risk management for individuals and organizations alike. 

In the Art of War, Sun Tzu separates strategy from tactics. Strategy is the set of rules used to make decisions. Tactics are the art or skill of actually carrying out those decisions. Tactics exist at the tip of the spear; the point of contact between a plan and achieving an objective. Whether your objective is overtaking an enemy, defending your home, achieving success at school or work, or realizing your full potential, achieving any objective requires honed and effective tactics.

Our Vision 

Setting the Standard in Tactical Training Across the Nation

At SCT Solutions, we are committed to becoming the foremost provider of tactical training and defense strategies in the United States. Our approach includes:

  • Community Building: Cultivating a robust community of tactical training enthusiasts and professionals.
  • Diverse Training Programs: Offering a wide range of in-person and virtual courses to accommodate different learning styles.
  • Online Resources: Providing accessible, top-tier training materials and tutorials online.
  • Expert Reviews: Delivering insights and reviews on the latest weapons and tactical gear.
  • Dynamic Adaptation: Keeping pace with the ever-evolving landscape of defense tactics.

Core Values

The Foundation of Our Excellence

Our commitment to superior training is driven by our core values:

  • Quality Training: Ensuring excellence in every course and training session.
  • Responsible Firearms Use: Promoting safe and responsible handling of firearms.
  • Accountability: Upholding the highest standards in training and conduct.
  • Adaptability: Embracing advancements in tactical training and methodologies.
  • Integrity: Committing to ethical practices in all our operations.
  • Community Engagement: Fostering a supportive and knowledgeable training environment.

Meet Our Expert Team

  • Garrett: Our Lead Trainer and NRA-certified pistol instructor, Garrett, exemplifies excellence in teaching and tactical knowledge. Learn more about Garrett and his teaching philosophy here.
  • Arthur: As our lead medical trainer specializing in trauma medicine, Arthur brings invaluable life-saving skills to our courses. Discover more about Arthur's expertise here.

Embark on a journey of tactical excellence with SCT Solutions. Our expert-led courses, cutting-edge training methods, and unwavering commitment to quality make us the ideal choice for anyone serious about mastering firearms and tactical skills. Explore our course offerings and join us today.

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