"SCT Women In Control"  

The Women in Control Pistol Course will focus primarily on the fundamentals of shooting, safety, weapons handling, suggested equipment items, and having fun becoming proficient with your firearm. You can expect to leave this course as a more confident and effective shooter. 


Upcoming Dates:

Equipment Needed

Must have:
1. Pistol
2. 200rnds
3. Ear and eye protection
4. 2x magazines
5. Lunch (we will break for lunch)

Suggested items but not necessary ( You do not need this to complete the course) 
1. Outside the waistband holster
2. 1x magazine pouch
3. Sturdy belt to hold holster

We will supply:
1. Tools, if parts can be replaced or tightened
2. Bottle Water
3. Targets
4. Ammo available on site

Hit the register button above or get in touch with us if you have any questions about the course. 

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