This course is the second step in your shooting progression. We take the basics you learned in SCT CARBINE 1 and build the other skills necessary to be more effective with your firearm. You will be more proficient with multi-targets, reloading, reducing malfunctions, and moving.

It is not mandatory but we recommend that you have taken our basic course or another certified instructors basic course.


Upcoming Dates:

Equipment Needed

Must have:

1. Carbine
2. Sling
3. At least 300 rounds
4. At least 2x magazines
5. At least 1x magazine pouch ( You can use your pocket to hold extra mag)
6. Sturdy belt
7 . Eye and ear protection

**Please have your gun zero'ed. If it is not, we will quickly zero it before class starts.

We will supply:
1. Tools, if parts can be replaced or tightened
2. Bottle Water
3. Targets
4. Ammo available on site

Hit the register button above or get in touch with us if you have any questions about the course. 

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