"Building Pistol Confidence: An 8-Week Basic Training Manual"


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Unlock the fundamentals of pistol shooting with this comprehensive manual tailored for our 8-week basic pistol course. Embrace drills and challenges designed to bolster confidence and proficiency.

Foundational Drills:Master essential techniques through a series of foundational drills focusing on grip, stance, sight alignment, and trigger control. Build a solid base for safe and accurate shooting.

Challenges for Proficiency:Engage in challenges crafted to boost confidence and accuracy. 

Skill Enhancement:Elevate your abilities through exercises emphasizing speed, accuracy, and reloading techniques. Develop proficiency in handling different shooting positions and distances.

Features of the Manual:

  • Step-by-step drills with illustrations for fundamental skill acquisition.
  • Challenges fostering confidence and proficiency in varying shooting scenarios.
  • Techniques and exercises to enhance speed, accuracy, and adaptability.

Ideal for:Beginners seeking a structured path toward becoming confident and proficient pistol shooters.

This manual serves as a comprehensive guide, combining foundational drills, challenges, and skill enhancements, empowering you to confidently handle a pistol and shoot accurately, setting the stage for further skill development.


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