"Foundations of Carbine Shooting: An 8-Week Beginner Training Manual"


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This comprehensive training manual serves as an essential companion to our 8-week beginner carbine shooting course, meticulously crafted to impart the foundational skills required to excel in handling rifles.

Features of the Manual:

  • Step-by-step instructions and visual aids for mastering fundamental carbine shooting techniques.
  • Detailed drills and exercises for safety measures, and marksmanship principles.
  • Practice drills and scenario-based exercises to reinforce key concepts and skills.
  • Challenges built in to track your progression as a shooter. 

Ideal Audience: This training manual caters to individuals embarking on their journey in carbine shooting, offering a structured guide to understanding fundamental techniques and safety protocols necessary for safe and effective rifle handling.

Whether used in conjunction with our 8-week beginner carbine shooting course or as a standalone resource, this manual equips enthusiasts with the foundational knowledge and skills to navigate the world of rifle marksmanship confidently.


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