SCT's 6 month Basic Pistol Curriculum                                             

Welcome to SCT's comprehensive six-month Basic Pistol Curriculum designed to empower new shooters with a progressive and structured approach to mastering essential firearm skills. This program is meticulously crafted to guide students through a transformative journey, beginning with fundamental principles and culminating in the proficient application of tactical techniques. Through weekly shooting sessions and dedicated dry fire homework, participants will progressively hone their skills in a safe, controlled environment. Join us as we embark on this educational journey, laying a strong foundation and equipping you with the confidence and competence needed for responsible and skilled pistol handling.

Month 1: Fundamentals

  • Weekly Shooting Sessions (1 hour each): Focusing on fundamental techniques like grip, stance, sight alignment, and trigger control.
  • Dry Fire Homework: Assigning dry fire exercises to reinforce skills outside of class and prepare for the next session.

Month 2: Drawing from Holster

  • Weekly Shooting Sessions (1 hour each): Practicing safe and efficient draw strokes.
  • Dry Fire Homework: Emphasizing draw stroke practice during dry fire sessions.

Month 3: Emergency & Tac Mag

  • Weekly Shooting Sessions (1 hour each): Training emergency reloads and tactical magazine changes.
  • Dry Fire Homework: Simulating emergency reloads and mag changes during dry fire practice.

Month 4: Malfunctions

  • Weekly Shooting Sessions (1 hour each): Identifying and clearing various firearm malfunctions.
  • Dry Fire Homework: Practicing immediate action drills through dry fire exercises.

Month 5: Displacement, Drawing from Cover

  • Weekly Shooting Sessions (1 hour each): Implementing movement techniques and cover usage while shooting.
  • Dry Fire Homework: Rehearsing displacement and drawing from cover in dry fire sessions.

Month 6: Skills Testing

  • Weekly Shooting Sessions (1 hour each): Conducting skills assessments and scenario-based exercises.
  • Dry Fire Homework: Preparing for testing scenarios through focused dry fire practice.

The incorporation of regular shooting sessions (once a week for an hour) coupled with dry fire homework will reinforce skills learned during class sessions and ensure continual improvement. Dry fire exercises provide a safe and accessible means for students to practice at home, enhancing muscle memory and overall proficiency with the pistol.


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